3D Printing Solutions

For each project, TTRD knows it is necessary to find a separate solution for this. This is what makes us develop personalized 3D printing solutions that fit your requirements.

With our technology and skills, we can make sophisticated prototypes as well as large-scale production parts. Our high-tech 3D printers, together with our software, print precisely and quickly, bringing about a cost-effective result of good quality.

This devotion has made us the industry leaders, shaping future manufacturing.

We specialize in on-demand prototyping, product manufacture, and short-run manufacturing, employing several materials and methods.

  • Hardware design and customization – Tailored hardware design and customization solutions to meet unique specifications. 
  • 3D modeling and industrial design – Precision 3D modeling and industrial design for product innovation.
  • Spare parts supply and maintenance – Reliable spare parts supply and maintenance services to ensure continuous operations.
  • Material and lament supply – Efficient material and filament supply for optimal 3D printing outcomes.
  • Leaser engraving – High-quality laser engraving services for detailed and precise designs. 
  • Hybrid CNC 3D Printing Machines – Innovative Hybrid CNC 3D Printing Machines for versatile manufacturing capabilities.
  • CNC Laser Cutting – We provide precise CNC laser cutting services for intricate and accurate fabrication.
3D Printing Solutions

First, we examine the business’s needs in detail. This helps us understand the project in its entirety. 

From this standpoint, when we discuss design, we collaborate with the organization to shape its ideas of how it looks. 

Allow us to help you actualize what you have in mind. We have a team of trained professionals who are experts in professional printing in three dimensions, and they are passionate about their work.

The intention is to enable you to make goods that are unique and fun.

We take care of the final touches for 3D prints – things like painting, smoothing, and tweaking.

This step is crucial for turning a good print into an excellent one. Our post-processing service is well-regarded for delivering top-notch results.

Our greatest hope at TTRD is to ensure customer satisfaction through our services. Our solutions continue to improve with innovation that suits each consumer’s requirements.

With modern technology and materials aplenty, our competent staff delivers leading industry 3D printing solutions worldwide.