Access Control Solutions

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We are best known for our innovative devices, such as fingerprint devices, iris recognition, card readers, face recognition devices, and contactless smart reading equipment.

Our clients can also use our products to offer their clients secure proximity readers and outdoor solutions, among others. However, it’s not only about products but rather relationships.

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We also offer Industrial Control System Automation Solutions.

Access Control solutions

• Biometric Systems: We deal in various biometric systems, including fingerprint and eye recognition devices, which are further secured by verifying unique biological markers.

• Proximity Readers: Designed to be user-friendly, our proximity readers provide a smooth access control experience.

• Face Recognition Devices: Our face recognition devices are built on sophisticated technology, which allows them to identify quickly and accurately for enhanced security.

• Contactless Smart Readers: During the COVID-19 pandemic, our contactless smart readers became a vital access control solution for hygienic and safe passage. Ensuring safety and convenience, these readers offer a straightforward and germ-free experience for all users.

• Card Readers: We have strong card readers that can be used by anyone who wants to control access in sectors like hospitals or banks, among others.

• Outdoor Devices: Our outdoor devices are made to withstand various weather conditions, thereby ensuring constant provision of security services.

• Intelligent Devices: When clients use our intelligent devices, they will embrace innovative products that are tailored to their specific security needs & scenarios.

These are some of our Access Control Solutions. Our experienced experts can also help you create customized solutions.