Security Surveillance Solutions

As TTRD, we are your trusted partner in Advanced Security Surveillance Solutions. Beyond merely selling products, we provide personalized solutions that cater to the unique requirements of your organization.

Additionally, with our team of dedicated experts, we can develop advanced and customized solutions from scratch, exclusively designed to enhance your security needs.

With our team of dedicated experts, we can develop advanced and customized solutions exclusively aimed at improving your security needs.

We have a wide range of CCTV solutions tailored just for you, meeting various needs. Moreover, Our cutting-edge technical solutions are multifunctional and applicable across different sectors.

What sets us apart is the combination of security products we offer. With more than 15 smart functionalities, such as live monitoring and recording. 

These features come with high-quality industrial cameras and high-frame capturing devices to provide a complete solution for your security concerns. We also offer OEM services for businesses.

In TTRD, our team is continuously pushing boundaries to find new and innovative ways of safeguarding your organization.

We focus on staying ahead of potential threats and evolving technologies. It’s crucial for us to improve and update our solutions continually.

  • Exceptional Security Surveillance: Our advanced CCTV systems ensure comprehensive surveillance, bolstered by cutting-edge features like night vision and ultra-zoom capabilities.
  • Innovative Smart Video Management: Our Smart Video Management System (SVMS) redefines video surveillance, providing seamless live monitoring and recording capabilities. 
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: We meet the unique needs of challenging industrial environments with our specialized industrial cameras. They ensure high-quality surveillance under all conditions. 
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Our CCTV systems use advanced technology to provide high-resolution videos with smooth, crisp frame rates. As a result, you get footage captured at mega frames per second.
Advanced Security Surveillance Solutions

  • Smart Video Management System (SVMS): This intelligent solution optimizes video surveillance and provides seamless live monitoring and recording.
  • Night Vision up to 10 Km: Our cameras allow you to see up to 10 kilometres distance even at night.
  • FHD Wireless Transmitting up to 500 Km: Distance is no longer an issue with wireless transmission for FHD video over distances up to 500 kilometres;
  • Varies pixel up to Giga pixel: With resolutions going as high as gigapixels or more, our camera provides crystal clear images;
  • Varies Frame Rate up to Mega Frame Rate: This feature captures fast-moving events with super clarity and smoothness, capturing frame rates of up to mega frames per second. 
  • Industrial Camera: These cameras are specifically built for industrial purposes so that they can deliver good quality surveillance under difficult environmental conditions.
  • Ultra Zoom up to 60 Km: Our cameras’ ultra-zoom feature enables you to see minute details of objects as far away as 60 km.