Audio Visual Solutions

In the multimedia world, working together is the key to success. TTRD, a leader in custom Audio Visual Solutions, is open to teaming up for shared success.

TTRD is committed to empowering businesses. We firmly believe in elevating your capabilities through innovative, tailor-made solutions that address your specific needs. 

Our partnership approach is simple; we aim to create strong and lasting interactions that benefit both parties.

When you partner with TTRD, you unlock a world of possibilities. You will get exposed to our leading-edge technology, unmatched experience, and a vast array of valuable resources.

We have experienced teams who work with partners worldwide to deliver top-tier audiovisual solutions.

We provide system design, installation, programming, and support systems integration, all tailored for the ultimate AV experience. 

Our goal is to transform the multimedia applications landscape and set new benchmarks in the AV industry together with you as our partner. The point where innovation meets collaboration.

We also offer OEM services to our partners.

Some of the reasons why you should go for TTRD as your preferred partner are:

• Experience and Expertise: With many years working in the field, our professionals have the competence and know-how to deliver state-of-the-art AV solutions that surpass expectations.

• Collaborative Approach: At TTRD, we believe that success is only possible through collaboration. We work very closely with our customers and partners to understand their needs, visions, and objectives so that we can offer them the best solutions.

• Tailored Solutions: We know that every client has unique needs, and therefore, we aim to offer customized solutions. Our team will support you from design to installation to attain your specific AV requirements.

• Cutting-edge Technology: TTRD is always updated on technological progressions regarding audio-visual systems.

• Customer Satisfaction: We strive to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Through our high-quality solutions and great customer service, we go beyond our client’s expectations to establish long-lasting relationships.

TTRD offers revolutionary audio and video solutions for exceptional multimedia experiences. Some examples are:

  • Digital Signage: Using our digital signage solutions, you can make your surroundings an engaging and interactive environment. Our team will collaborate with you to create and install customized digital signage systems according to what you want.
  • Meeting Room Automation: Installing meeting room automation in your office can ensure smooth meetings and presentations. Our systems are designed to simplify technology while improving productivity and collaboration.
  • Customer flow Management: Make it seamless for customers through our customer flow management solutions. From queue management through virtual queuing, we have the technology and expertise required for the optimization of your customer interactions that enhance satisfaction.
  • Sound and Paging Systems: Our sound and paging systems help achieve a clear, consistent sound experience in any setting. We have the right solution for you, whether you need a public address system, background music, or emergency notifications.
  • Smart Boards & Touch TTRDreen Displays: Take advantage of these smart boards and touch TTRDreen displays to deliver more captivating lessons or presentations. Such interactive tools provide a more engaging experience that is collaborative– ideal for classrooms, boardrooms, etc.
  • Video wall & video distribution:  Showcase your content on an impressive display, perfect for advertising, information dissemination, or entertainment purposes. We will closely work with you on designing and installing a tailor-made system that meets all your needs.