Face Recognition Solutions

At TTRD, we’re really excited about the prospects of facial recognition systems for various sectors. They can help improve security in public areas and make it easier to identify oneself! 

The uses of this technology are wide, so we are always working on developing new solutions that can be beneficial in different ways.

We also develop customized and advanced face recognition time attendance system, face recognition access control system for our partners. 

If your company needs state-of-the-art custom-built advanced face recognition systems, we will build them from scratch. 

We have a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in offering custom-made solutions to large organizations, helping them achieve accuracy and advanced technology.

Our state-of-the-art 2D/3D facial recognition software application is compatible with both off-the-shelf cameras and servers, making it exceptional among others. 

This solution has been accepted as one of the best-performing ones in the market because of its high performance, even in harsh environments.

Our system collects enormous amounts of information and processes it into accurate, up-to-date results that improve your operations.

It utilizes various techniques to ensure its efficiency regardless of its application. We also offer physical Security Information Management ( PSIM ).

If you need a customized solution for purposes such as attendance tracking, security monitoring, or identification verification, don’t worry- we can build one for you at any time.

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Our 2D/3D face recognition software delivers a high level of precision even in harsh environments, which other face recognition technologies cannot achieve.
  • Safety and Convenience: In this way, our contactless identification ensures a seamless and safe user experience.
  • Scalability: It can identify up to 30 people in one frame simultaneously, making it suitable for large-scale applications.
  • Lessening Misunderstandings: Improved algorithms have allowed us to reduce false acceptance/rejection chances in false identification. 
cctv facial recognition simulation of people with covid-19 test verification

The striking features of our face recognition solutions include:

  • Evolving Technology: Our technology keeps progressing, thus offering users better experiences all the time.
  • Automated Recognition Process: Our system automatically detects and works on faces without any human intervention.
  • Faster Detection & Contactless: In this way, our software is able to identify faces within a very short time without touching them at all. 
  • Up to 30 Faces in a Single Frame: The program can accurately determine up to 30 faces in a single frame.
  • Up to 900 Faces in 1 Second: As we process information at high speed, our system can detect as many as 900 numbers of persons within one second only. 
  • Low False Acceptance/Rejection Rate: This technique uses complex algorithms that significantly reduce the chances of false inspection, guaranteeing accurate output. 
  • Fewer Maintenance Costs: We cannot forget how cost-effective and forgiving it is when it comes to maintenance requirements. 
  • Pervasive Application Area: Our facial recognition solution is applicable just anywhere across platforms or industry types.
  • TTRDenarios: This remarkable attribute of our software improves its usefulness and how well it is employed. 
  • Can be Connected to Any Smart Camera: This demonstrates that the system can work with any smart camera, making it more useable & adaptable.