Fleet Management and AVL Systems

In our fleet management system, we have a vehicle tracking system (VTS) and automatic vehicle location (AVL) solution that give you an unmatched view of your fleet operations. Watch live vehicle routes, speed of motion, and timetable disruptions, among other things.

Remain alert to any irregularities and be prepared to handle unique cases effortlessly. Analyze past performance for better decision-making, responding to passenger requests or complaints, and generating useful statistics.

No surprises with us! Our predictive maintenance keeps equipment in check. It predicts when tires, brakes, and other parts need care before they cause trouble.

Detect the next possible failures and timelines so that substitutes are done swiftly, thereby ensuring the least downtime and saving substantial costs.

Through this integration, we offer extended capability aimed at improving your company’s resource allocation, vehicle control systems, material handling devices, and time management issues.

For security or maintenance purposes, various systems are available, including standard AVL, RFGPS, and RTTS/RTLS

Need Industrial control systems or Prototype solutions? We also offer those services.

  • Fleet management system 
  • Power stations’ remote monitoring 
  • Construction Tracking
  • Cold chain tracking
  • Production Tracking
  • Shipments Tracking
Fleet Management and AVL Systems

  • Our fleet management and vehicle location systems use smart technology to give you info in real-time, stepping up your control and planning.
  • Predictive maintenance is a feature that allows for proactive vehicle repairs, minimizing the time spent during breakdowns. 
  • We are an AVL provider that combines fleet management, resource optimization, and security systems into one, unlike others. 
  • The system can be customized to suit your needs, thereby making it flexible and adaptable. 
  • Unlike other systems, ours achieves higher ROI due to efficient resource application as well as reduced operations costs.
  • The systems we build have strong security frameworks that guarantee reliable data storage and uninterrupted functioning of your vehicles.