Kiosks Manufacturing

Self-service kiosks are game-changing machines that transform the ways customers and firms interact. Welcome to our Kiosk manufacturing and solutions service.

These terminals are all-in-one systems enclosed in tough casings, enabling the perfect merge of electronic displays, touchable screens, and other peripherals.

Kiosks have made it easy for users as there is no human intervention to conduct transactions or access information.

This means that if you introduce such facilities to your system, you will not only perform numerous tasks within a very short time but also reduce the number of errors that could be committed by humans. 

Our niche expert team, with over 20 years of experience in this area, aims to optimize and ensure your kiosk’s success.

We promote your teams’ individual goals through a simultaneous engineering development approach involving software developers, production, and support teams.

So you can complete this project easily and successfully without any trouble. We also offer prototyping services.

TTRD has deployed several self-checkout kiosks for diverse applications. You will also get ATM and Banking Solutions from us.

Conceptualization and Planning: We understand the company’s goal and design accordingly. 

Prototyping and Engineering: Our engineers create a functioning prototype from the design idea.

Fabrication: The authorized prototype is securely fabricated utilizing high-quality materials.

Component Integration: We integrate the touchscreen interface, electronic displays, and other peripherals into the sturdy kiosk enclosure.

Quality Assurance and Testing: We test the kiosk to ensure it meets our high-quality standards and functions as expected.

Staging and Deployment: After testing, we deploy kiosks at the client’s selected location for best performance.

Mini Kiosks: Small self-service stations for quick tasks or information.

Mobile Charging Station Kiosks: Kiosks where you can charge your devices on the go.

Outdoor Kiosks: Self-service units designed to withstand outdoor conditions

Restaurant Ordering Kiosks: Stations in restaurants allow customers to place orders themselves.

Self-Checkout Kiosks: Automated checkout stations for customers to scan and pay for items.

Vending Kiosks: Machines offering products or services with a user-friendly interface.

Custom kiosks: Tailored self-service units designed for specific needs.

Medical kiosks: Self-service stations in healthcare settings for tasks like check-ins.

Retail kiosks: Units in retail stores for tasks like product information or checkouts.

Parking kiosks: Kiosks for managing parking payments or issuing tickets.