Physical Security Information Management ( PSIM )

TTRD offers the most sophisticated and customized PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) system. We treat every client individually to get exactly what they want and even more.

We are not one of those PSIM security companies that sells products off the shelf; instead, we design solutions from scratch. 

At TTRD, we understand that different organizations have varying security needs.

That is why we are dedicated to creating reliable, enterprise-level software management platforms from scratch for individual purposes.

Through our partnership program, we provide advanced Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions to large companies.

Our PSIM brings together information from various systems into a single interface. Furthermore, it utilizes automated workflows based on predefined user criteria to correlate events and deliver accurate and timely responses.

With PSIM provided by TTRD, organizations can always be fully informed about the situation when making decisions instantly.

We also offer Advanced Security Surveillance Solutions.

To provide comprehensive, efficient, and effective security management, our PSIM comes with several advanced features such as:

  • One Operating Platform for All Devices: Our system easily integrates with many devices, allowing you to manage all aspects of your firm’s security effectively.
  • Everything in one view: Have a complete overview of the safety infrastructure through one interface, thus enabling quick detection and response to malfunctions.
  • Workflow both manual and automated: Depending on your preferences, you can set up workflows either manually or automatically if required.
  • Mass Notification and Dispatch: The relevant personnel are automatically notified and dispatched once there is a breach of security.
  • Open Architecture and Software Development: Get flexible system designs that allow integration of new technologies as well as software improvements.
  • Active Directory Support Kit. Active Directory integration ensures user authentication & management, facilitating secure access to your PSIM.
Man hand using surveillance security system

TTRD stands out from its competitors when it comes to ensuring the safety of your business for several reasons:

  • Specialization: Our operations focus on large corporations and public entities, providing ample exposure necessary to address their diverse needs over time.
  • Customized Solutions: You can adjust our PSIM to align with the specific circumstances of your company, surpassing any other service providers in terms of flexibility and adaptability.
  • Full Package: With a variety of features, the PSIM system actively provides complete and effective security management.
  • User-Friendly: The security management system has a standard platform for all devices and a single-view interface to simplify things.
  • Immunity against future changes: Our open architecture makes it possible to incorporate emerging technologies, keeping you in touch with new security developments.
  • Reliable Backup: We do give our clients the best support system so that they can access services during their time of need.
  • Secure Access: By integrating Active Directory, we protect your PSIM from hacking as well as manage authorized access.