Prototyping Solutions

At TTRD, we transform your ideas into concrete realities with our prototyping services.

We have a team of professionals who are always ready to assist you in each phase of product development, ensuring that your idea turns into a triumphantly marketable product. We also offer OEM services.

From the first flame of thought to the intricacies of large-scale production, we are your reliable partner for creative solutions and design. As far as product development is concerned, we offer a complete array of services.

Take the first step into product innovation with TTRD’s visionary concept design. We breathe into your ideas so that they fit into your vision and objectives seamlessly.

When designing mechanically, what is this phase in which precision meets creativity called? Crafted by TTDR’s experts, capable mechanical designs provide the core functionality of your product.

TTDR guides you through the complex world of electronic design. The state-of-the-art electronics we use are custom-made to meet your specifications, incorporating cutting-edge technology.


We are good at seamless integration. TTRD ensures that each component of your prototype comes together as one to guarantee its optimum performance and operation.

The prototype is ready for scaling up; what next? We offer insightful mass production consultations that will help you understand how to scale efficiently and cost-effectively.

We do not just stop at the prototype phase; our commitment goes beyond that. Through TTRD’s comprehensive operation and maintenance services, we secure the longevity and dependability of your product.