Real Time Tracking Systems

These days, RTLS is changing how organizations manage their assets and people.

RTLS tracking tracks equipment, personnel, and resources in real time using RFID and Wi-Fi technologies. It is applicable in many settings, including offices, airports, factories, and construction sites. 

Such advanced monitoring systems also help to increase efficiency, improve safety, and promote operational excellence. 

At TTRD, we have been working with advanced and customized RTLS solutions for years. 

We do not operate like other RTLS companies; rather, we work as partners with businesses to create RTLS solutions specifically for them. 

If you are considering the potential advantages of smarter customizable RTLS or trying to expand your present capabilities, we have all these for you!

TTRD knows very well what each organization needs to overcome its unique obstacles; therefore, we have provided flexible RTLS solutions that are tailored to meet your requirements. 

When developing RTLS solutions, we ensure seamless alignment with existing business processes to maintain customer relationships and achieve their long-term goals.

Our RTLS solutions have been designed in a user-centric manner by TTRD that emphasizes simplicity, efficiency, and versatility. Some of the features that distinguish our system from others include:

  • Simplicity of Tracking: Our system allows users to track assets and personnel without complicated and expensive infrastructure. This thereby simplifies its integration with your operations.
  • Customizable Accuracy: We appreciate that different operational activities require various levels of location accuracy and, therefore, can customize the location accuracy required for the operation. Thus, you only pay for what you need.
  • Multiple Technology Integration: Rather than being limited to one mode of technology, our solution is built using a combination of RF-GPS, RTLS, Wi-Fi-RTLS, Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) RTLS, Passive RFID, and Active RTLS.
  • Our multi-technology solution guarantees that the system is able to adapt to many different environments as well as requirements, hence providing a robust but flexible solution for you.

Our RTLS system comes with several advantages that enhance safety as well as operations in various environments:

  • Locating People and Equipment: In buildings, airports, manufacturing plants, and construction sites, these can be used to determine where people or machines are.
  • Enhanced Safety and Security: Construction sites are among those high-risk areas where real-time tracking enables early identification as well as prevention of any potential risks to safety.
  • Equipment Tracking: Staff movement may be monitored using real-time equipment location data as a way to reduce possibilities for theft or misplacing them.
  • Airport Security: By employing our RTLS systems, we can easily track luggage, personnel, and resources within the airport, thereby improving security plus efficiency.
  • Healthcare Monitoring: Patient monitoring systems in healthcare settings could improve patient care and hospital operations.
  • Zone-based Tracking: For instance, when detailed location information is most needed, some places within a facility can be specified for tracking purposes only.
  • Inventory and Asset Tracking: To ensure optimal use, you should monitor your inventory and assets to minimize loss.
  • Visitor Management: One can monitor the movements of visitors within an organization to improve security as well as their experiences with it.