RFID Solutions

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is an influential technology that is efficient, reliable and offers real-time monitoring.

This has drastically changed supply chains, inventory management, and asset tracking as they provide unprecedented convenience and accuracy.

TTRD has a vast experience in RFID applications. We have a specialization in creating and implementing different kinds of RFID systems.

Our team is expert at making customized solutions for you and making sure they offer the best performance to meet your needs.

We are not just another RFID solution provider. We are your trustworthy partner, committed to providing matchless knowledge and advanced customized solutions.

At TTRD, we are proud to offer a unique time and attendance system designed specifically for construction site workers.

We use the strength of RFID tags and motion sensors attached to workers’ helmets, which are monitored by RFID Readers/Writers, to offer effective real-time monitoring solutions.

If you are looking for an advanced and customized RFID solution that is specially designed for you, we will design and implement the system from scratch. 

We also offer prototyping and OEM services.

To be part of this revolution, we invite partners who require customized and advanced solutions. Together, we can change what is possible with RFID technology.

  • Unrivaled Expertise: We have experts who are well-versed in RFID technology. In addition, we have skills that enable us to create RFID systems that meet unique needs.
  • Inventive Propositions: Our uniqueness is our strength at TTRD. To illustrate, we have created an attendance system called the SmarTHM System, purposely designed for construction site workers. This system serves as a good example of how creative we can be.
  • Partner-Oriented Approach: Instead of seeing ourselves as mere vendors, we treat ourselves as partners. Furthermore, what has helped us remain relevant among many companies is our ability to work closely with our clients and deliver products that meet their operational demands.
  • Dependability: Our products are reliable and innovative. By working with TTRD, you will be partnering with a company that stands behind its products and services.
  • Futuristic Thinking: The desire to redefine the boundaries of RFID technology is what drives us at TTRD. We welcome partners who need innovation and efficiency.

TTRD offers numerous benefits that make us a preferred provider of RFID solutions.

  • Efficiency: Our RFID tracking systems have dramatically improved efficiency in inventory tracking and asset management by saving time and cost.
  • Accuracy: Using RFID asset tracking to acquire real-time material visibility minimizes mistakes, resulting in accurate stock levels.
  • Forecasting: Our advanced RFID solutions allow you to do effective procurement forecasting, which helps you better plan for future requirements.
  • Improved Monitoring: Our improved RFID warehouse management system improves tracking and overall inventory control across all channels.
  • Accountability: Implementing our RFID systems improves inventory accountability and prevents losses arising from mismanagement or theft.
  • Loss Reduction: This technology minimizes cases of inventory shrinkage and asset loss, resulting in enhanced profit margins.
  • Special Solutions: Our SmarTHM System is the only construction site solution worldwide that uses radio frequency identification tags combined with motion sensors attached to safety helmets. Then, it will be monitored by a combination of radio frequency identification readers/writers, all aimed at fostering safety and accountability onsite.