Time Attendance Solutions

Partner with TTRD and acquire our advanced and customizable Time Attendance Solutions. We work only through our partners, providing unique products to the big companies. 

Our specialists are experienced in building time and attendance systems from scratch, so you can have the best tools for managing and tracking your clients’ workers. 

Through our web-based Time and Attendance systems, as well as Time Pro applications, you can provide your customers with the most efficient ways of managing their workforce. 

At TTRD, we know that each organization has distinct requirements concerning workforce management. That is why we develop tailor-made solutions that fit your client’s needs.

Our team collaborates with our partners closely to ensure that our time and attendance systems meet customer expectations precisely. 

Enrich your service offering with customized integrated time and attendance solutions by collaborating with TTRD.

For your Time Attendance Solutions, choosing TTRD will give you an edge over other organizations.

Our solutions keep pace with the changing needs of clients so that we can always meet them.

With present-time tracking, managing your workforce will never be the same again – and it’s all available from wherever you are, making it ideal for those in modern-day flexible workspaces. 

Furthermore, our strong focus on data security ensures that employees’ information is always safeguarded. Our Time Pro applications are highly efficient, and we have a dedicated support desk to assist users. 

To choose TTRD is to select industry expertise, technological innovation, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.

We also offer Advanced Access Control Solutions.

  • Customization: Our attendance systems are customized to meet the user’s specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration with the existing system.
  • Scalability: Our solutions can be adjusted to meet your growth requirements regardless of the size of your business.
  • Tracking Live: It ensures precision by constantly tracking clock-ins, which are used for payroll and personnel management.
  • Full Reports: Reports generated show a detailed analysis of employee punctuality, overtime hours worked, etc., allowing for informed decision-making.
  • Remote Access: Our web-based system allows the management to work remotely from home or other locations.
  • Data Security: We are keen on data security, and encryption technologies ensure that your employees’ details are safe.
  • Efficiency: TimePro helps streamline workforce planning processes, increasing productivity levels and efficiency.
  • Assistance: We offer technical guidance to provide a smooth user experience.