Advanced and Customized Defense Shooting Ranges Solutions

You will be entering a place where precision and creative thinking are combined, and doing what is right is of utmost importance. At TTRD, we strive to do more than develop Defense Shooting range solutions.

Partnership with our clients is always about opening up new possibilities!

We are not here to make fame or win awards; we prefer staying in the background but fueling your success through our expertise.

These partnerships have been instrumental in setting benchmarks for the commercial and military shooting range sector in Saudi Arabia.

Imagine having access to a team that’s as dedicated as they come when it comes to designing tailored custom solutions—a commitment that’s as solid as the products themselves. 

Whenever off-the-shelf systems cannot meet your requirements, TTRD will create, test, and deploy tailor-made kits for your organization’s different complex needs.

Our task is simple- enhance your offerings to arm you with a marketable advantage.

We’ve shown dedication through many agreements in the Kingdom and scaled up efforts when demand soared.

By joining TTRD, you gain access to a wealth of experience and passion that will guide you to success. Experience constant innovation and remarkable craftsmanship when you choose us.

  • Shooting Range Gear: More than just equipment, we guarantee performance and longevity. This is illustrated by every item here.
  • Gun Shooting Training Systems: Use our modern training systems that are both realistic, difficult, and highly effective at making you a better shooter.
  • Surveillance Systems: Get equipped with the most modern surveillance technology to help your security system clear up confusion for total awareness
  • Simulators: Our simulators present training scenarios characterized by realism that conserve resources while optimizing readiness.
  • Spare Parts: We cover all your needs, from minor components to crucial spares, because, in defense, we believe every second counts.
Defense Shooting Ranges

Choose TTRD because we’re not just suppliers. We are pioneers in the field of defense technology- right there with those who protect and serve.

Our products embody both dependability and innovativeness, ensuring that you have the best. 

Clients turn to us for our advanced technology and equipment but also for our well-known commitment to surpassing expectations.

In every partnership, success speaks volumes about our collaboration and mission for mutual growth.

This is when our customers win; this is how they measure us. “They are talking about how satisfied and accomplished they feel, which gives them confidence in us.”

TTRD doesn’t sell just any piece of equipment. Rather, we give you a promise – one that promises impeccable performance and unflinching support. 

Choosing us means choosing a long-term partner who understands your challenges and is ready to help you overcome them.

We also offer Face Recognition solutions. Please check our service page for other solutions.